About fogix.net

fogix.net is the brainchild of Fadzly Othman. It is a showcase of his works in web design, web application and image manipulation. In fact fogix.net, is part of the showcase. It is a showcase that covers web applications, websites and it has a graphic gallery. But while fogix.net is about the self-promotion of Fadzly Othman, it is looking to collaborate with other parties on innovative and creative projects.

Fadzly Othman

Determined and Focused. Those words describe the author of this website. Stuck with only a diploma in Electonic Engineering in 2001, his future was not that bright. A diploma, in which the results featured more Ds and module retakes. Then began the process of reengineering and reinventing himself where knowledge was sought to become a highly competent Web Developer. To date, he has completed Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (2003) as well as mastered PHP, MySQL and Adobe® Flash among other skills. But this is not the end of the journey. Ever hungry and thirsty, this knowledge seeker is always looking for ends to express his mental prowess.

To collaborate. To get a web presence. To automate.

If you have either any of the top in mind, Fadzly Othman would like to hear from you. Click on the button below to get in touch.

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