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Neighbourhood Renewal Programme
(Tampines Town Council)

Live website has been taken down

Project Completion : September 2008

Platform : PHP, MySQL and Javascript

Remarks :
fogix.net created an online contest for Tampines Town Council. This contest allows viewers to submit ideas for neighbourhood upgrading. Well-received and innovative, this contest is the 1st online contest done by a Town Council.

Fadzly and Aishah Engagement,

(live website and demo website are the same.)

Project Completion : September 2008

Platform : PHP, Javascript and Adobe® Flash

Remarks :
fogix.net ventured into the world of online media streaming with this site. This site features our friend's engagement. Viewers are able to play, stop, pause and even scrub the timeline. And with a soothing accompanying background, who needs YouTube when you have fogix.net?

Please allow time for videos to load as they are being loaded simultaneously.
Could not find time to separate the videos in different pages.
Will do it in the nearest future.

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